January 21, 2013

Keep It Simple, Stupid

"Baby Otter" watercolor and graphite on paper.  Click to zoom. Copyright 2012 Jess Jakus All Rights Reserved.
Here is a little painting I made as a gift for a friend's new baby. I wanted to give her something other than baby clothes. Her bathroom walls are painted lavender, and that made an impression on me. Imagine growing up in a house with lavender walls!

For a painting commission last year, I visited the client's house to get a sense of the space, and it informed the palette of that painting. The result was a piece of art that fit very naturally in the space. I hope this painting will achieve a similar result.

I have been researching sea otters for another project, so that current passion also went into this painting.

From start to finish this painting took three days: One day to sketch, and two to revise the sketch, transfer it to watercolor paper, and paint it. Ideally I prefer a little more time to complete a project, so the time constraint was a challenge. As usual, I had to let go of my inclination to overdo things. I stood in front of the mostly-finished painting at one in the morning, contemplating whether or not it was really “done.” My partner had good advice: “If you're really not sure whether or not it is done, it is probably done.” AKA: Keep it simple, stupid.

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